A Note From Our Founder

As a long-time cultivator, I know inefficiencies can cost time, money and sleep. So, I started a company to help fellow cannabis leaders by utilizing four simple principles: be clean, professional, fast, and affordable. Now, we service over 200 clients in 10 states.

With more than 10 years in the cannabis industry, we understand what it takes to be successful. As we maneuver through a highly regulated and capital intensive industry, we’re committed to “care for your crop as you do.” Our main goal is not to jeopardize lab results or intensity while increasing efficiency and reducing workflow bottlenecks. And with a team of professionally trained, detail-orientated individuals with thousands of hours of garden expertise, we’re ready to help your business grow.

I grew up establishing cultivation’s and maintaining gardens in the Midwest and East Coast. After studying politics and plant physiology at Columbia University, I moved to Southern California, and spent a decade working in financial services while cultivating cannabis. I’m honored to be able to serve an industry that has such passion and look forward to creating a flourishing partnership.

Christopher J. Rener