A common euphemism is “one person’s weed is another person’s flower.” With the proper planning and preparation, cannabis can be easy and delightful to grow in the right conditions. As a result, cannabis cultivation can be monotonous. Constantly striving to improve daily, weekly, and monthly tasks is how cultivators reduce costs and find satisfaction in their work. The more cannabis cultivators are able to automate, regulate, or otherwise schedule and plan cannabis harvests’ the greater chance of maximizing yield and potency. Increasing efficiency even 10-15% can dramatically affect your cannabis harvest yield, potency, value, and healing properties.

In commercial cannabis cultivation, each step needs to be organized and broken down to the moment. Bottle-necking can cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. We’ve looked at the numbers for sophisticated commercial state-of-the-art grows. We’ve found the most efficient and cost-effective method of harvesting cannabis is to hire a professional harvest company, to manicure your bud and process your harvest. Let’s go over why a commercial cannabis cultivator would hire a professional cannabis harvesting or cannabis trimming team/crew.

Professional cannabis trimming and outsourcing of labor is a fairly new position in a growing industry. Not only is it hard to find good cannabis trimmers/processors, it also difficult to keep them – especially when harvest is not back to back. The inconsistent nature of cannabis harvesting as facilities expand can be burdensome. The cost of the following can be astronomical:

  • Finding and interviewing talent
  • Background screening, fingerprinting, assessing state, and local compliance
  • Vetting and training talent
  • Managing, scheduling, and coordinating
  • Setting up payroll
  • Dealing with conflicts coaching, and termination
  • S.O.P Development
  • Transplant cleaning, and resetting rooms
  • Drying, curing, test preparation, and packaging
  • Plant health assessment and quality control

Hiring a professional hand trimming or cannabis harvesting company takes the stress out of payroll and cannabis human resources that can slow the harvesting process by up to 25% and cost over 30% of overall harvest revenue. Cannabis harvesting and hand trimming crews, especially in Southern California, are the most efficient, easiest, and cost-effective way to manage the harvest process. At Buddha’s Harvest, we only hire top talent, who are fingerprinted and background screened.

~Buddha’s Harvest Co. is a professional cannabis harvesting company based in Southern California. We specialize in hand trimming and focus on the zenith of efficiency by building custom standard operating procedures for each new client or facility. We consider each variable in the harvest process, to ensure efficiency and reduced costs. 

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