If you are drying and trimming your cannabis, congratulations, you are almost ready to distribute and consume. But before a single plant is cut down, you must plan and prepare the drying and trim space. First, count your plants and analyze your yield based on strain and bud condition. This will determine the space needed and environment specifications. Next, asses your needs and set up the processing space.

Properly drying cannabis is just as important as proper cultivation. Drying must be done slowly-do not turn the fan directly on cannabis buds. In perfect drying condition cannabis buds should dry between 5 and 15 days. Proper handling of cannabis buds is the key to not damaging precious trichomes. Over-handling, fondling, or disrupting the bud is a great way to reduce potency, flavor, and compromise testing results. Avoid excessive light, keep temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and keep humidity between 50-60%. Inspect cannabis buds daily for mold, fungus, or spider mites. You will know your buds are dry when stems snap cleanly instead of folding from moisture. If you are hand trimming, there must be ample space and accommodations for the trim crew.  Typically trimmers need a separate bin for trash, trim, A buds (bigger top colas) and B buds (smaller popcorn buds). Buddha’s Harvest is very concerned with microbial contaminations – we harvest for licensed operators in California and nationally. Microbial contamination comes from skin, and cannabis is susceptible during hand trimming. Therefore, we always wear clean-room gear, including gloves, smocks, masks and hairnets.

~Buddha’s Harvest Co. is a professional cannabis harvesting company based in southern California. We specialize in hand trimming and focus on the zenith of efficiency by building custom standard operating procedures for each new client or facility. We consider each variable in the harvest process, to ensure efficiency and reduced costs. 

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